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Since 1945 we have been developing and manufacturing in Milan professional hairdryers, stylers, tools for hairdressers and treatments, taking care of the needs of each type of hair.
First in Italy to define a dryer ``for professional use``, a tradition handed down from generation to generation, and first in the industry to patent an exclusive technology that integrates haircare directly in the blowout and hairstyling phase.
Elchim is a family business that still puts people at the center. The many awards won in beauty and design and the recognition by thousands hairdressers around the world motivate the Company to continue the path of excellence.


Find the right products for your type of hair

Tell us about your hair and we will help you to find the right products for you. Complete our quiz and our experts will recommend the perfect set for your hairstyle preserving your hair integrity.



The technology of our hair dryers meets cosmetics for an exclusive innovation capable of transforming your hair effectively and immediately visible in a single gesture. Find out how to get WOW hair in less time and with easy styling, which nourishes the hair while drying.

Each hair has unique characteristics just like you. The 8th Sense line, dreamed and produced by Elchim in Italy, has been engineered thinking of the uniqueness of each type of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate.

8th Sense RUN Lily Rose Limited Edition

Who creates beauty deserves beautiful tools. The new RUN Lily Rose is a concentrate of external beauty, but even more of internal beauty, thanks to its digital heart that makes it fast, light and with an almost infinite duration.


8th Sense Run Black

3900 Venetian Rose Gold

8th Sense Styler

Elchim Diary

Inspirations, Styling, Guides and news from Elchim's professional world

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