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your personal hairdresser

Dress code

your personal hairdresser

Treat your hair with simplicity

Versatile and easy to use. Dress Code hairdryer lets you treat your hair like a professional without having to be one. It smoothes even the curliest hair, leaving it bright and shiny.

Designed down to the last detail

Contemporary design with easy and intuitive controls. Ergonomic shape and ultra lightweight materials to reduce weight and avoid tiring even the most delicate hand.

Style, fashion and color

Dress Code is your style’s friend, with colors always in fashion and surprising highlights that play in contrast.

dress code hairdryer

Low consumption and truly energy efficient

Dress Code concentrates air and heat optimally, while consuming a low amount of energy. This technology increases performance and saves energy because it achieves results in less time and consumes less. Dress Code also guarantees low electromagnetic emissions.

dress code hair dryer
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra lightweight material
  • Low electromagnetic emissions
  • Ceramic and infrared heat system
  • Long-lasting professional motor
  • Diffuser included (Not available in Canada and US market)