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United States of America

Elchim USA Inc.
Toll free number 855-379-2922
Email: sales.elchimusa@elchim.com

Elchim USA Repair Centre

Phone: 800-576-7983 (9-3 PM M-F EST)
Email: drytech@yahoo.com

Attention: Elchim’s warranty in the US does not cover tools purchased from the following sellers: Ebay.com, Overstock.com, Jet.com, Walmart.com, Discount Jungle.

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Elchim Italia

Tel +39 02 5511144
Fax +39 02 5511488
Email: vendite@elchim.it

Other countries

Phone +39 02 5511144
Fax +39 02 55185141
Email: export@elchim.com