8th Sense is the first line engineered for all types of hair and it is ideal also for the most fragile hair, those damaged due to age or treatments and even for babies’ fine hair. No more damages when drying and styling hair.

The 8th Sense line is the first developed for all eight hair types.

There are 8 types of hair and each one needs a specific air flow and temperature.
The 8thSense line is the first developed for
all eight hair types, ideal for even the most fragile hair
damaged by age or treatments and even for younger children. Drying and styling without damage.

Respect for the hair and reduced styling times

The hair dryers of the 8th Sense line are designed to preserve the health of the hair, avoiding excess heat, ensuring uniform drying, from the inside out, which not only enhances the shine of the hair, but reduces the drying time,
even on very thick hair.
The styler also, thanks to Elchim HIT technology
(High & Instant Temperature), reaches the temperature
desired in just 17 seconds, it always keeps it constant
and guarantees maximum results in a single pass.

The perfect combo

Each hair has a different structure and to preserve its health and integrity a specific temperature is required to straighten or create curls in a single pass.
This is why Elchim 8th Sense styler was born, made in Italy with 11 temperatures for styling dedicated to any type of hair


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