Spring’s Haircuts!

Its all about the mid-length Haircut: This is what you will expect in Spring!

Hello Spring! Welcome to the era of mid-length, wavy bobo!

This trendy cut was shown off by Kaia Gerber during Chloé runway show in Paris.

The length of the haircut reaches to the chin, the frontal locks perfectly cross the face that reminds us a lot of the 70’s with this chic style. As far as styling is concerned, it is slightly wavy and hair is parted in the middle.

But how can you style your hair like this?

First dry your hair as usual: use with 8th Sense Red Lipstick and help with Elchim’s Thermal Brush to create the wave in three points. With the use of the hair dryer, the various waves are shaped; twirling the waves into place.

8th Sense Red Lipstick Hair dryer is the very first dryer that fits all eight existing types of hair, from think hair to thin hair, to very delicate baby fine hair, to fragile and damaged hair. With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator the hair dryer 8th Sense Red Lipstick can regulate temperature and air flow with infinite combinations. The 8th Sense Red Lipstick hair dryer is quiet, powerful and sensitive. Any professional hairstylist will know at once that a hair dryer like this has never existed until now. 

Another haircut we will see this Spring is the “Clavicut”, this look is not too short, but not too long; just a refreshing style to the hair.

“Clavicut”, we saw it at Louis Vuitton’s Paris fashion show, closing the fashion week.

What is it, exactly? The cut is an combination where the hair offers the best of both worlds: it’s short enough to pass as a long bob but long enough to wear in a ponytail.  

This cut reaches the clavicles, with the back strands caressing the nape and follows the natural curve of the neck, sometimes generating very fluffy with soft waves. The front locks, instead, can be longer or shorter and left to the free interpretation. A beautiful compilation that will sure to take the attention away from the now prevailing bob.

How to make soft waves?

To create the fluffy and soft waves effect of “Clavicut” you could use our 8th Sense Styler.  

Take a strand of hair and make a complete turn with 8th Sense Styler hair styler holding the tip down. The Elchim’s 8th Sense Styler allows you to get professional results in a single pass. 8th Sense Styler is equipped with a Ceramic and Titanium Oxide combined with HIT (High & Instant Temperature) technology to rapidly develop constant and uniform temperatures over the entire surface of the platelets. Professional hair styler with 8th Sense Styler to do right at home.