How to Protect your Hair during the Summer! Check out these top Summer Beauty tips for perfect hair.

The high temperaturessun and sea water can make life difficult for our hair. Knowing how to protect it during the summer months is the first step to keeping your hair strong and healthy looking all summer and year long!  

The sun makes our hair more fragile, dry and weak. This is because the sun’s UV rays damage the keratin layers, which are essential for it’s heath. This action attacks the amino acids that make up the shaft and causes both natural and treated hair to lose shine and texture.  

We protect our skin with sunblock, why cant we protect our hair from the sun? Here are our 4 beauty tips to follow in order to have strong and shiny hair.  

The 4 beauty tips to protect for your hair in summer 

What are the rules for respecting your hair even during the summer? Simplicity, natural looks and hydration are the three key words to remember! 

Hands-free to hair  

The first way to protect your hair is… cover it! 

Use a scarf or a hat to cover your head when you expose yourself to the sun. This way you can protect them from UV rays, but also help your scalp retain moisture.  

EXTRA TIP: Using a hat is the best choice to reduce the risks to your hair, but which types of hats and hair styles and what can really help shield the sun’s harmful rays? Try accessories that leave your hair as free as possibleA messy braid is perfect for picking up hair without ruining it. Making hairstyles too structured and tight could possibly make your hair suffer and create breakage. 

Nurture them with right attention  

Healthy hair is nourished hair, even from within. If your hair tends to weaken a lot in summer, you can take care of it with nourishing products and masks that soften it.  There are lots of them on the market, but you can also help yourself with 100% natural wraps.   

For example, you can apply this honey and linseed oil-based product. 

To make it, just get a couple of spoons of each item, mix it all together and lay it on your hair. Once rinsed, the nourishing and protective action of the oil and honey will be a real screen for your hair.  

Clean (and dry) them carefully  

For cleaning the salt out of your hair, opt for a delicate shampoo and don’t stress your scalp too much. For drying your hair, you can count on the help of a hair dryer that respects the health of your hair, such as our 8th Sense RUN 

The RUN is perfect for all types of hair, even treated and damaged hair.  Lightweight and easy to handle, this hair dryer is perfect for quick drying and styling in half time.  The Ionic&Ceramic system protects the hair from excess heat, dries it evenly from the inside out and enchances its shine. What’s more, you can also customize it with your own name: it will really be your companion for every season.  


Take care of your nutrition 

Another tip to protect your hair in the summer is to take care of your diet. In addition to protecting your hair from UV rays, you can strengthen it with trace elements such as ironcopper and zinc, the three “buiders” of keratin. These trace elements are found in large quantities in fruits and vegetables, meat and legumes.   

Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking at least one and a half litres of water a day.  

Have you started taking care of your hair yet?