Hair Fringe!

Long, open, climbing, parade and curtain fringe, that is how to wear it. The fringe can be declined for both medium and long cuts and makes even short proposals unique.

The long fringe is undoubtedly versatile, so even during the fashion week last February, we saw it both full and slinghtly open in the middle.

Would you like to try a fringe cut? Let’s find out together how best to wear it this year.

Long Fringe: long is cool, very versatile, airy and completes the long and fuffly cut, evoking the hair styling of the 70s and 80s.

Long climbing fringe: perfect for creating volume on curly and wavy cuts, we like the long climbing fringe because it is unpredictable.

Fringe length: this variant lightens the fringe look making the effect airy. Ideal at all lengths, it makes the best on medium and medium-long hairstyles.

Curtain fringe: fringe divided into two parts that fall down heavy on the temples, but that thanks to the central opening acquires some lightness. The fringe should be in harmony with the cut and follow the natural shape of the head.

The curtain fringe is suitable for types of hair, even curly and wavy. This type of fringe involves quick and easy drying without the need for caution.

Use Elchim’s 8th Sense Run hair dryer to dry your fringe: the heart of the 8th Sense Run hair dryer is technology. The hair dryer is equipped with an innovative brushless digital motor, very light and with exceptional durability. The motor has no carbon brushes, this translates into a significant improvement in hair health and environment impact.

The hair dryer has been developed for drying and styling hair with a perfect heat control system that makes it suitable for all types of hair, from the strongest to the most delicate.


Long side fringe: long and versatile to wear like a big side clump.

If you want to smooth your fringe hair styler, use 8th Sense Styler: each hair has a different structure and preserve its health and integrity you need a specific temperature to smooth the fringe in this case. 8th Sense Styler does not stress the hair is equipped with 11 temperature to adapt the styler to each type of hair to the strongest to the most delicate. It allows unlimited styling to create a perfect smooth, soft waves or soft curls.

The hair styler say that with 8th Sense Styler any type of styling is allowed, ergonomical and rounded design, easy to handle; it gives enhanced comfort in the every day use.

Get the look!