Damaged Hair after Halloween? Find out our Secrets on how to take care of them

Glitter, colored hairspray, dyes: if post Halloween night you get out of bed with unruly spooky hair… it’s time to take action!
During Halloween’s nights imagination runs wild: you can really let your creativity loose and radically change your look. You could use more makeup, more hairspray or a mixture of hair dyes.

However, the day after the party all you would like is your “normal hair” back. So, if you want to make sure that you don’t damage them, here are some suggestions on how to tame your post-Halloween hair craziness and have a serene awakening on November 1st.


How to look after your hair after Halloween

There are some who love to dress up more traditionally and others who select more extravagant outfits: The issue in both cases is, using products that over-dry your hair, becoming a nightmare. If you are struggling with dry or fuzzy, knots to detangle and glitter that won’t come off, keep reading on: here is everything you need to know to restore your mane back to its original splendor.


How to remove glitter from your hair

You wanted to shine on Halloween’s night and now you regret exaggerating with the glitter? Don’t fear we have a solution for you to remove them, designed not to damage your hair.
While it's true that to remove glitter from your scalp you need to wash them several times, you can easily eliminate most of the excess in the first wash and eliminate the rest simply during a second rinse.


Our Recommendations?

  • Avoid to manually remove every glitter directly from the scalp: you could accidentally pull the hair.
  • Don’t rub excessively: glitter usually comes off with some water and soap and, if you have leftovers, you can always remove in a second wash.
  • Use lukewarm water: it will help soften the glitters making them slide away more easily.

Lastly, dry your hair with care. If you want to see your hair radically transformed you can use Elchim’s Hot Honey Hair. Using Hot Honey Hair you can dry and nourish your hair in one simply one go. By applying the appropriate concentrated nosel to your Elchim hair dryer, you will be enabled to insert a pod that with heat will unleash its active ingredients ultimately transforming your hair.
Immediately you will notice the change, turning your hair nightmare into luckily only a Halloween prerogative.


How to remove colored hairspray

Well, your colorful hair does not want to go back to its natural status? Even in this case a strategy exists that allows you to set you free from the ‘craziness’ of the night before:

  • Make sure to treat the hair with a nutritive pre-shampoo treatment, it will help you soften the product residues. In this way it will come off more easily.
  • When rinsing, make sure that you are using lukewarm water and shampoo twice, to guarantee a thorough cleanse of the hair starting from the scalp to the ends.
  • Once gain don’t rub excessively into the scalp to avoid breakage and damage

Not to forget… very often temporary colored hair sprays can stain both clothes and towels. You should tend to use either a dark or old towel and wear clothes that you will not mind staining.
Even in this case, delicately dry your hair and enjoy a perfect blow dry using Hot Honey Care.

So, we have spilled all of our secrets and tips on how to take care of your post-Halloween hair: all it’s left to do now is to take action and restore the splendor of your mane!