6 easy and professional hairstyles for your meetings on zoom, skype & co!

How to get your hair Zoom -ready instantly with these important tips! No hairstylist required!  


1. Soft Waves 

Create soft waves, fast and easy with our 8th Sense Styler. To make the waves soft, your hair must be perfectly dry, use the 8th Sense Run hair dryer your hair will be dry in a jiff. The professional 8th Sense Run hair dryer is suitable for all hair types from fragile to damaged hair, allowing ultra-fast drying in half-time thanks to its BLDC motor.  

Once you have dried your hair well, with 8th Sense Styler, you will create your own waves for your job call. 

In what way? Take a strand of hair and make a complete turn with 8th Sense Styler holding the tip down. 

Hair styler 8th Sense Styler is equipped with 11 temperatures (from 95°C to 235°C/203°F – 455°Fto adapt every type of hair, from the strongest to the most delicate. 8th Sense Styler: professional results in a single pass.  


2. Smooth Look: 

Classic, sleek, straight hair can not only be work call-ready but also great for every dayIt may seem trivial, however, to make it look good you need a precise technique: drying is essential to obtain a perfect smooth hair and the secret is a good Elchim’s Thermal BrushThe Elchim Thermal Brush is available in three different diameters, obviously this one should be chosen according to your hair length. If you have long hair, you should use the Thermal Brush with the larger diameter, if you have medium hair the Thermal Brushwhile if you have short hair the Thermal Brush with smaller diameter. 

Position the 8th Sense Run at the tpè with the heat flow directed downwards. When your hair is almost dry. Proceed with the crease by helping you with the Elchim’s Thermal Brush most suitable for you.  


3. Braided Top Knot

    Elegance, simplicity and bets of all fun, we love the top knot!  After brushing all the hair back well with the Elchim’s Paddle Brush pull it to one side and pick it up making sure it is well pulled. Now roll the hair around your left hand, using your right hand, and then pull your hand out and secure the hair roll with the hairpins.   


    4. HighPonyTail 

    Update your ponytail with Elchim’s Paddle Brush Polish the look off by wrapping a strand of hair around your hair tie and, just like that, you’ve got yourself a red-carpet look for living-room meetings.  


    5. Low Braid

    To make it, collect the hair with the Paddle Brush on a side of your choice and divide it into three sections. At this point, start braiding your hair by grabbing the outer strands and passing them one after the other over the middle one. Once the braid is finished, fix it with a small elastic band and open it slightly with your hands to make It soft and voluminous.  


    6. Flipped-Out Ends

    To get the look with your hair tips up, help yourself with the 8th Sense Stylerusing a straightener to flip out the ends will probably take you less than 15 minutes. 


    What are you waiting to try on one of these looks for your next job call?!