In the professional appliance market, I want integrity and honesty to drive the elchim brand of products. This is why I’ve moved beyond our competitors that copy other products or engage in price wars. Our products should stand alone encompassing the newest technology, style and creativity. Every component is full of love because I know every single hand that worked on them here in Italy. I’m only interested in what we will do to improve the quality of life of the people who use our products. Because if there is anything among the many things my grandparents, the founders of the company, taught me, it is that the quality of what we do every day is the only guarantee we have for our future.

Luca S.
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Our history

Right now, reading this, you are somewhere. Stop looking at the screen and look around you. There are all kinds of objects: telephones, pens, day planners, desks, chairs, maybe even a hair dryer. What do you know about the things surrounding you? Do you know their story? And the story of the person who made it for you? Alright, now go get the hair dryer that you have in your salon or at home and really look at it. What are the letters stamped onto it? E, L, C, H, I, M. If those letters are there, here’s it’s story.

Elchim was founded in 1945 – can you recall some images of the Second World War? Think of the years immediately afterwards, when everything had to be rebuilt and only passion and the intense desire for redemption transformed that rubble into a new country. Some of that passion still runs through our veins, because Elchim has one family’s dream behind it. Elchim stands for ”Elettro-professionali Chiminello” (Electro-professional Chiminello): Chiminello, a very Italian last name, right? It was the last name of the founders: a brother and sister, Egle and Riccardo. Today the son and grandson of Egle, Roberto and Luca Sabbatini, are at the helm of the Milan based company with a presence in 48 different countries.

1945 ”Fratelli Chiminello” was founded in Milan, later to become Elchim; this is where it all began.

Elchim Professional Hairdryers since 1945

The founders, Riccardo and Egle Chiminello


It was the first Italian company to make hair dryers exclusively for professional use. In 1960, Elchim became a limited company.

uso professionale

In 1971 Roberto Sabbatini, son of Egle Chiminello, joined the company. Elchim products are dreamt up, designed and made entirely in Italy, using only the best materials. Each product must pass 3 levels of testing to guarantee more than 2,000 hours of operation. Since 2010, the company has been co-directed by Luca Sabbatini. Today, Elchim has 3 production centres in Italy with its headquarters in Milan, the capital of fashion and design.


Our philosophy

We chose to stand beside hairstylists: they are our kings and we live to satisfy their every need. We listen to them, we observe them: what position are their hands in? How do they use their fingers? What effect are they trying to achieve? Analysing their work sensitively, we have been able to create professional hair dryers, flat irons and tools that help them and which guarantee hair that is always shining and perfectly healthy. They are their “tools of the trade”: like a Stradivarius for a violinist, they have to work perfectly and last forever. But a great product is never absolute or final. If something can be improved, it doesn’t matter how much we need to invest: we will improve it.

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For us, quality is a horizon that we are always chasing after, always moving the finish line forward. We are our own most demanding client. It is this spirit that allows us to offer functional and safe professional tools that ensure excellence for hairstylists and security for everyone. All company processes are ISO-9001 certified and Elchim follows the strictest national and international safety and quality regulations. Our products are also certified by impartial international organizations such as NEMKO, ETL, SASO and INMETRO, just to name a few.

excellence for hairstylists and security for everyone